Looking for The Best Place in The World to Retire?

al-majaz-bahri-smallAfter securing the future of our loved ones, a happy and comfortable retirement is our only dream. People work all their life so that they can live with ease after their retirement. The dream of being happy after retirement can be achieved easily if you plan a little.

Ensuring that your life is as comfortable as it was before retirement can be overwhelming and may include many things like planning your finances and choosing between your family and retirement homes.

Choosing a retirement home can be a very confusing process, especially with so many factors to keep in mind and so many options to consider. Somethings you should keep in mind while selecting a retirement home are:

  • The overall atmosphere should be pleasant and filled with good vibes. The staff should be humble and care while the residents should look happy and satisfied.
  • The infrastructure should be good and age proof. If you’re confused about what “age-proof” means, it basically includes slip free tiles on a floor, handles in washrooms and other similar things which will help you in old age.
  • Culinary services: Check how many meals a retirement home provides its residents and its quality. If you get the chance, do check if the hygiene is maintained in the kitchen.
  • Look for the retirement home which offers the most services at reasonable prices. For starters, transportation and laundry are few important ones.
  • Apart from the essentials mentioned above look for the recreational activities a retirement home offers. Retirement home activities might include volunteer work, movie screenings, etc.

Anandam retirement homes in Bengaluru are a nice option if you are looking for a place to start. Infrastructure is perfectly age-proof, specially made for ageing residents. The staff and management are very humble and it is managed by Bahri Management services. The place has the cafeteria and an eating place which provides three meals per day and residents can order anything from the cafeteria at any point in time. Recreation is just as good as other aspects of this place as retirement home activities include golf in a full-fledged golf course, tennis court designed by Mahesh Bhupati himself, football ground and much more like movie screenings and volunteer work. Apart from this Anandam organises regular check-up camps for its residents and has tie ups with Apollo telehealth, AVN Ayurveda and Shreedharyam eye clinic.

The life after retirement is a major chunk of your life, do take the right decisions to live in leisure and comfort.


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