Senior Citizen Homes- A New Trend in Realty Market

anandam-imageSenior citizen homes are a new trend in real estate sector these days. Some people think it is not okay, but if we check the other side of the coin, it is very much required and a good step in this busy life. Indeed the senior citizens and our old age people feel alone and worthless at times in home since they lack the work they used to do earlier and the company of individuals who belong to same age group. These old-age homes are one of the best solutions to provide them. In past few years, its scope has increased immensely. Here in this article, we are going to share the list of cities where you can get the retirement communities and can also find the best place to live.

1. Pondicherry: Pondicherry has witnessed the start of old age homes in the last couple of years. It is located in the southern part of India and is quiet and peaceful. The weather and the other services in Pondicherry is entirely appropriate for senior citizens. It gets neither too hot nor too cold and free from industrial pollution as well. Additionally, the pre-existing retiring homes would also accompany the new ones, and one can also get luxury retirement houses over here.

2. Chandigarh: On the northern part of India Chandigarh is accessible through all the mode of transport except sea route and is quite a perfect spot for old people. The people living out in Chandigarh are quite open to the concept of senior citizen homes. Medical facilities available in Chandigarh are also very appreciable and useful for the elderly. It is less than 5 hours far from Delhi via road makes its appropriate place for senior citizens.

3. Bangalore: If you are looking for best retirement communities in India, then Bangalore must be on top in your choices. It is neither too fast like other metro cities nor slow like any tier 2 city. Most of the MNC made Bangalore as their hubs and a huge part of youth are working for them and could not accompany their parents, Hence the senior citizens over here started communities and the old age homes help a lot. Bangalore is accessible through all the mode of communications with the availability of every service on fingertips. You can also find luxury retirements homes in Bangalore that can make things a lot easier for you.


Looking for The Best Place in The World to Retire?

al-majaz-bahri-smallAfter securing the future of our loved ones, a happy and comfortable retirement is our only dream. People work all their life so that they can live with ease after their retirement. The dream of being happy after retirement can be achieved easily if you plan a little.

Ensuring that your life is as comfortable as it was before retirement can be overwhelming and may include many things like planning your finances and choosing between your family and retirement homes.

Choosing a retirement home can be a very confusing process, especially with so many factors to keep in mind and so many options to consider. Somethings you should keep in mind while selecting a retirement home are:

  • The overall atmosphere should be pleasant and filled with good vibes. The staff should be humble and care while the residents should look happy and satisfied.
  • The infrastructure should be good and age proof. If you’re confused about what “age-proof” means, it basically includes slip free tiles on a floor, handles in washrooms and other similar things which will help you in old age.
  • Culinary services: Check how many meals a retirement home provides its residents and its quality. If you get the chance, do check if the hygiene is maintained in the kitchen.
  • Look for the retirement home which offers the most services at reasonable prices. For starters, transportation and laundry are few important ones.
  • Apart from the essentials mentioned above look for the recreational activities a retirement home offers. Retirement home activities might include volunteer work, movie screenings, etc.

Anandam retirement homes in Bengaluru are a nice option if you are looking for a place to start. Infrastructure is perfectly age-proof, specially made for ageing residents. The staff and management are very humble and it is managed by Bahri Management services. The place has the cafeteria and an eating place which provides three meals per day and residents can order anything from the cafeteria at any point in time. Recreation is just as good as other aspects of this place as retirement home activities include golf in a full-fledged golf course, tennis court designed by Mahesh Bhupati himself, football ground and much more like movie screenings and volunteer work. Apart from this Anandam organises regular check-up camps for its residents and has tie ups with Apollo telehealth, AVN Ayurveda and Shreedharyam eye clinic.

The life after retirement is a major chunk of your life, do take the right decisions to live in leisure and comfort.

Best Retirement homes in India- Anandam

kodaikanalRetirement, a point in a person’s life when he stops employment completely. Every individual wants to spend his retirement peacefully and in leisure. Some chose to stay with their kids/family whereas some chose to migrate to a retirement home or community.

Now if you belong to the first category it’s all well and good but if you’ve decided to spend your retirement in a retirement home, you should make sure that you chose one of the best retirement homes in India to spend this phase of the life.

Some factors that one should consider before choosing a retirement home are:

  • Appearance, ambience and overall atmosphere
  • Physical features like the infrastructure, places of interest, power backup, etc. and its maintenance. It’s important to take a note of the physical features of a retirement home and check if it is age proof.
  • Always try to communicate with the staff to know their behaviour towards the residents. A humble and happy staff is always a very good indicator of the societal atmosphere of a place
  • List of services provided by the place especially the food and sanitation. Check for special services like laundry, barbers, etc.
  • Lastly, check the contract terms and conditions

One good option that we would like to recommend is Anandam. This aesthetically designed retirement home in Kodaikanal is managed by Bahri Realty Management Services. This retirement home is one the best retirement homes in India as it is specially designed or the elderly with its anti-skid tiles, grab bars in washrooms, age friendly doors & windows and emergency response system. Apart from this, it has a complete power backup, electrical surveillance, fire alarms, etc.
Recreational facilities here include the fully loaded club house and a full-fledged golf course.

This retirement home provides retirement villas with 1,2 or 3 BHKS. As far as dining goes, Anandam features a cafeteria which can provide fresh food to the residents throughout the day. Individuals with certain specific food needs are also given full attention and the food cooked is cooked with less oil and spice keeping the age of residents in mind.

This retirement home also makes sure that its residents can tackle boredom as it provides its residents with an option to play golf, tennis, croquet and screens new movies regularly.

Anandam also partners with leading names in health care sector like Apollo and Avn Ayurveda to provide its residents easy medical access.

In conclusion, of your life after retirement in leisure, consider Anandam as an option.

Choosing the Best Retirement Living Community for Your Needs

As you get wiser by the years and the experience you gain, the regular community where you have been living for all these years may not suit your needs any longer. With your increasing age you may require some living assistance, you might want to be around people closer to your age or you might just want to be in some place quieter. That is the perfect time when you should be looking for retirement home as a retirement home can provide you with all your needs and there are many retirement homes available with various facilities to choose from.

So, now when you have decided to move to a retirement facility the most vital question is how to choose a community that fulfills your needs. Here are some points that will help you find the right community for you:

Needs and age – While considering retirement communities, it is very important to consider the needs you require and also the needs that you have in mind and also your age, as the majority of the senior retirement living have an age limit on who can buy a home within the community. You might be just looking for a place where you don’t have to mow your own lawn anymore or a place where you can meet others in the same stage of life as you and have a fun chat with them and relive your young days all over again. So, while looking for a community keep these details in mind as it will make your search a lot easier.

The lifestyle you prefer – Next thing that you should consider is the type of lifestyle you want to be living in the retirement community. Whether you are looking for an active lifestyle and a place to socialize or just a quiet home where you can just relax and spend time with your spouse? Whatever lifestyle you may choose, it’s important that you ask questions before deciding on your community. It will just help you to make your decision more smoothly.

Finally, choosing the best retirement home for yourself boils down to what you prefer to do on your retired days and how much money you have to spend on doing so. Your choice can also be made on whether you want a luxury retirement homes or do you want a simple place with like minded people. Whatever might be your choice always remember, what anybody else tells you is just not as relevant as your own preference.

A Home That You Help to Start a New Life After Retirement


The challenge in planning yourself for a significant life change, such as transitioning into retirement, is that you don’t know what to expect. The key to having a successful transition into this new phase of your life is knowing you and what you want.

For many seniors, retirement means spending your life in a beloved house or a cottage with your life partner. If this is the future you have envisioned for you and your spouse, then it is important to plan ahead when considering this move.
Retirement is a most crucial phase for most of the people here. What one saves through working life can seem less than adequate for the ‘peaceful’ years of retirement. Every person who is working wants peaceful & happy years of retirement. Nowadays “Retirement Homes” is much talk about & very popular among those people who are retired or who are going to be retired in upcoming years.

As these senior retirement homes give senior citizens a healthy and peaceful environment, where they can simply unwind themselves and live those golden years again. Retirement homes in India are designed for senior citizens who need minimal to moderate support with all their living activities.

The basic idea of these Retirement home is our senior citizens enable to live independently as possible. These homes are purposefully designed with a focus on whole-person wellness that nourishes six components critical to good health: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational and spiritual.”

Though the concept of these retirement home is very western instead of this many Indian developers are also coming with Retirement homes. Anandam Retirement home is one of the best retirement homes in India. They have constructed Villas that will suit the requirements of old people – the interior design and the amenities are built in a manner that will suit their needs.

Retirement communities are a smart way to choose. Their healthy environment & surroundings.

A retirement community offers a plan for the future, Retirement communities are providing a home that helps you to start a new life at 60.

These communities offer you a lifestyle after retirement you are looking for. The location of these communities is very close to nature.

What seniors require is a pollution free environment, good facilities, good connectivity & courteous service. The open space is very important for seniors as they like walking & relaxing.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Retirement Home

The most important question of our life after we retire is where we will be living. But we don’t often think about it until and unless we retire. Planning to move into a new home is a complex process. You will be going through a huge transition so it is really important for you to know what are you looking for and what do you want from your new home.
We cannot escape this vicious circle of retiring and ageing. Planning and moving to a different house has never been easy, but it is a known fact that moving into a new place when you are healthy and fit is much easier than doing it when your health has started to decline.

So, it is really important for you to start the research early to make a better choice rather than leaving such an important decision for the end moment. Rushing a decision this big means that you will be paying more for the living situation that doesn’t even suits you. Just to help you make the right choice for yourself we have come up with 5 tips that can help you select the best retirement house for yourself.

1. Consider your Criteria
Outlining your requirement and criteria should be first and the foremost step before you start looking for a house. If you yourself are not clear of what you want out of the place where you live in. It will be easier for people to dupe you. Whether you want to live king size in a luxury house or you are just looking for a very decent place to live in, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life.
If you are looking for luxury retirement homes in Bangalore, then Sarra Springs is a good choice.

2. Take a hard look at your budget
Before you invest in a house, you need to see your finances. It is important to consider your age, medical status, future financial goals or your long-term insurance care. Spending on a house who are giving you more amenities irrespective of their relevance is always a bad idea because their maintenance cost will be huge. So instead of falling into these traps, look for facilities where all your requirements are met and where you don’t have to spend heavy chunks of money on their high maintenance cost or recreational amenities.

3. Visit your premises
A tour to the place where you are planning to stay gives you an idea whether it is suitable for you or your loved ones. If you are looking for senior citizen retirement homes, serene senior living is a good option to consider.
When you are touring the perspective houses do not forget to look for all the amenities that you need, the health care services, fitness center and wellness clinics. Certain retirement houses or communities have rules attached to them so it is really important to know them before signing up for the house or the community.

4. Look for the right vibes
When you go for the tour, try to talk to the people who are living nearby or if you are planning to settle in a community, talk to the people who are already living there. This will give you an idea about how comfortable are you going to feel there and if your wavelength matches with the people around you.

5. Check for references and ratings
You should seek out a place where they have a reputation to deliver excellent service and performance. Visit their website to find testimonials or look for their review. A good place will always have references that support their claims and reputation.
Take all these points into account whenever selecting your retirement house. Go ahead and enjoy the life of retirement that you have been dreaming off!