Anandam Retirement Homes: The Best Retirement Homes In India

Retirement homes in India is a very modern concept that we all should take positively. Many times it can happen that elders may not feel comfortable in the home and want to move to retirement homes due to various reasons. There are the variety of reasons for this desire that can be either negative or positive. Continue reading “Anandam Retirement Homes: The Best Retirement Homes In India”


Senior Citizen Retirement Homes – A Growing Trend in The Society


Luxury Retirement Homes In India
Senior Citizen Retirement Homes – A Growing Trend in The Society

Many decades ago, the construct of retirement homes was unprecedented in India. However, as society has evolved what once appeared a far-fetched risk has currently become a reality. As India unfolded its economy, several Indians flocked abroad building flourishing careers and houses. The Empty Nest syndrome that was once restricted solely to the Western world became a word only too acquainted for Indian parents. Joint families are no longer the norm. It’s inevitable then that retirement homes are slowly becoming accepted. Continue reading “Senior Citizen Retirement Homes – A Growing Trend in The Society”

Best Retirement homes in India- Anandam

kodaikanalRetirement, a point in a person’s life when he stops employment completely. Every individual wants to spend his retirement peacefully and in leisure. Some chose to stay with their kids/family whereas some chose to migrate to a retirement home or community.

Now if you belong to the first category it’s all well and good but if you’ve decided to spend your retirement in a retirement home, you should make sure that you chose one of the best retirement homes in India to spend this phase of the life.

Some factors that one should consider before choosing a retirement home are:

  • Appearance, ambience and overall atmosphere
  • Physical features like the infrastructure, places of interest, power backup, etc. and its maintenance. It’s important to take a note of the physical features of a retirement home and check if it is age proof.
  • Always try to communicate with the staff to know their behaviour towards the residents. A humble and happy staff is always a very good indicator of the societal atmosphere of a place
  • List of services provided by the place especially the food and sanitation. Check for special services like laundry, barbers, etc.
  • Lastly, check the contract terms and conditions

One good option that we would like to recommend is Anandam. This aesthetically designed retirement home in Kodaikanal is managed by Bahri Realty Management Services. This retirement home is one the best retirement homes in India as it is specially designed or the elderly with its anti-skid tiles, grab bars in washrooms, age friendly doors & windows and emergency response system. Apart from this, it has a complete power backup, electrical surveillance, fire alarms, etc.
Recreational facilities here include the fully loaded club house and a full-fledged golf course.

This retirement home provides retirement villas with 1,2 or 3 BHKS. As far as dining goes, Anandam features a cafeteria which can provide fresh food to the residents throughout the day. Individuals with certain specific food needs are also given full attention and the food cooked is cooked with less oil and spice keeping the age of residents in mind.

This retirement home also makes sure that its residents can tackle boredom as it provides its residents with an option to play golf, tennis, croquet and screens new movies regularly.

Anandam also partners with leading names in health care sector like Apollo and Avn Ayurveda to provide its residents easy medical access.

In conclusion, of your life after retirement in leisure, consider Anandam as an option.